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Rarely, if ever, are there legal matters that do not require the guidance and representation of an experienced attorney. While the law can be complicated, finding someone to explain it shouldn’t be complicated.

At Calewarts, Duffy & Erdman, our team of accomplished lawyers help guide our clients through the complex legal process, pursue solutions and, when necessary, aggressively defend their interests. [ More–]

Dennis M. Duffy
Attorney (Retired)

Kenneth G. Calewarts

Eric R. Erdman

Calewarts, Duffy & Erdman represent clients in a wide variety of practice areas including:

♦ Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

♦ Automobile & Related Accidents

♦ Real Estate Matters

♦ Business Litigation

♦ Corporations & Business Law

♦ Estate Planning

♦ Wills & Trusts

♦ Municipal Law

♦ Healthcare & Financial Powers of Attorney

♦ Guardianships

♦ Family Law